Cougar News
Cheerleading - Fri, Dec. 14, 2012

As the 2012-13 school year has gotten underway, the Mid-Continent University Spirit Squad has begun to go in a new direction under the leadership of a trio of new Coaches. Ruth Imhoff, Heather Bailey, and Laia Imhoff are overseeing a transition from a squad that focused on primarily being a sideline cheer squad at Mid-Continent basketball games, into a unit that will take their performances to a new level, both at MCU events, as well as in the community.

Ruth Imhoff is the program's head coach, and as such, she is responsible for ensuring that the program continues to head in the direction of its new vision and purpose. With a background in collegiate cheer, and post-collegiate dance, Imhoff brings a unique perspective to the team. She cheered at both the high school and collegiate levels in Michigan. In addition, Imhoff also was a member of a dance team after graduating college for four years.


While the squad will still cheer at the MCU games, the look and feel of the team is changing, with the team now focused more on performances in the community at large, as well as at halftime of the games as a dance team. Laia Imhoff is leading this transition, thanks to her background as a professional ice skater. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, she toured with Disney on Ice for five years. Her experience in choreography, musical production, and her professional work ethic has helped shape the team during the transition to more of a dance team.


On the cheerleading side of things, Heather Bailey is helping to make sure the team still is prepared to perform on the sideline during the basketball games. Bailey also brings collegiate cheering experience to the table, having been a member of the cheerleading squad during her time as a student at MCU.